Co-Chair: Raymond Greenlaw, United States Naval Academy,
Co-Chair: Steven Lingafelt, IEEE CEAA,

The Cyber Sciences Accreditation Committee consists of representatives from academia, industry, government, and other major stakeholder groups interested in the accreditation of cyber science programs. The committee’s co-chairs will serve on the Cyber Education Project’s (CEP) Steering Committee and can approve new members for service on the committee. The chair of the CEP Steering Committee can also appoint members to the Accreditation Committee. The members of the committee and their contact information shall be posted at the CEP website.

The committee will develop draft ABET Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) Program Criteria for the cyber sciences based on (1) results from the CEP’s Learning Outcomes Committee, (2) existing related bodies of knowledge/curriculum maps (including drafts of such works), (3) existing relevant computing-based curricula, and (4) input from interested stakeholders. The committee will solicit, collect, and summarize relevant information; use summaries to facilitate conversations with and among interested stakeholders; revise and update draft Program Criteria, as appropriate; and help CSAB and ABET to solicit constituent feedback on a prototype Program Criteria.

The Accreditation Committee will interface with CSAB and ABET. The committee will work closely with CEP’s Learning Outcomes Committee. The Accreditation Committee will share its minutes with CEP’s Steering Committee and other CEP committees.