Chair: Scott Buck, Intel (

The goal of the Cyber Education Project (CEP) is to promote cybersecurity education by developing curriculum guidelines and a case for ABET accreditation of undergraduate ‘Cyber Science’ programs.  We believe this effort will only be successful if there is input from many constituents including academics, researchers, government and military agencies, and representatives across a broad array of industries.  Well over 100 people have expressed interest in working on the project and work has already begun.  However, we are still looking for representatives from industries with strong interests in cybersecurity.

Industry partners will be asked to:

  • Develop a list of job titles and descriptions for positions relating to cyber security,
  • Develop a list of the education, training, and experience desired and required for personnel hired into cyber security and related positions in each industry sector,
  • Develop a list of the specific cyber security related skills most important in each industry sector,
  • Review learning outcomes, and
  • Categorize learning outcomes as of low, medium, or high importance for personnel in cyber security and related positions in your organization.

For additional information on becoming involved with the Industry Advisory Board, please contact Scott Buck at